Magaluf is one of the major tourist resorts on the island of Mallorca and offers a wealth of activities like water sports, golf, casino, and has a go-carting circuit. It has some quality beaches and a pulsating nightlife.

What really makes Magaluf a popular holiday destination, is the sun, sea, sand and the various related activities. This is a huge attraction for visitors who travel in groups, singles as a family and as couples from across the world.

The peak season is summer although sunshine is abundant throughout the year. Magaluf has a beautiful climate where the temperatures can reach 800F during the summer months.

The nearest airport is in Palma and you can hire a car, take a taxi or the shuttle to reach Magaluf. A taxi will charge you �26 from the airport to Magaluf while the Shuttle Direct will cost �80.


Nightlife in Magaluf is popular, fast, and vibrant. One of the famous and popular clubs in Magaluf is Pirates. Pirates offer two shows, one that is targeted at family oriented crowd and the other is dubbed as the uncut version. The uncut version is a mix of world-class acrobatic performances and gymnastics with orgasmic dancing that makes the show spectacular. You can also buy a Magaluf Club Pass, which will ensure your entry in any of five clubs in one night. The five clubs include Bananas, Carwash, Boomerang, Tokyo Joes, and Fusion. Most of them are easily acceessible on the famous bar and club streets.

Local beer
The local beer in Magaluf is San Miguel and it can be bought from the number of stores that line up near the beaches and in the town.

Boy/Girl ratio
Magaluf is quite a safe place for single women though you have to be careful while going to nightclubs all by yourself.

What to eat
Magaluf has its own brand of local cuisine. The most popular is the delicious Sopa Mallorquina, which is a cross between soup and stew, and a plateful of the all-time favorite Paella. If you are looking for something more American then there is a McDonald's and KFC that will satisfy your basic needs. You will find every cuisine from paella to an English breakfast.

The beach
When you are in Magaluf, the beaches here will attract you like a bee to the honey. The beaches are stunning with their golden sandy shores, and are overshadowed at times by the spectacular mountain scenery. The beach is a great place to get a tan or just simply relax over a pint of beer or watch the beautiful sunset over the far horizon.