The resort of Malia is on the coast on the Greek island of Crete with its neighbouring resorts being Hersonissos and Stalis.  Malia is a fairly built up area with no private beaches and is a busy resort at peak times with a party atmosphere.

Who Comes to Malia?
Malia is a busy and inexpensive resort which appeals mainly to young under 30’s single British holiday makers who prefer to sunbathe or do water activities at the beach during the day and party all night.  Malia is crammed with pubs, bars and eateries- the restaurants here range from fast food like McDonalds to more traditional style Greek Tavernas.  Prices are a little cheaper in comparison to other more sophisticated Greek resorts.

When Does the Season Start in Malia?
During June to late August is the hottest part of the year and the part of the year that attracts more party animals!  April and September are the best times to visit with families as the resort isn’t quite as rowdy.

Best Airport
The airport you will travel to reach Malia is Heraklion which is approximately 4 hours from the UK with transfer times to Malia at 1hour 30 minutes.  You can catch a bus – they run frequently in Malia - a taxi or hire a car or bike from the airport.  A taxi transfer can cost as little as 30Euros per taxi, but booking in advance will give you better honest rates.

Malia Nightlife
The Strip in Malia is usually where the young crowds gather.  With bars and clubs that generally don’t charge an entry fee – there are so many that they will try to entice you in with free drinks instead – and you will find there are many happy hours and drinks offers in each bar.  You will find clubs like the ‘Malibu’, with 3 bars, plays urban music and R&B and you’ll find house music and pop in other clubs.  Another one to mention is the ‘Banana Club’ which is popular as it’s on the main road down to the beach.  In summary, there’s a variation of music in each club and bar, no doubt you’ll find your favourite when you get there!

Local Cuisine
Malia has a variation on cuisine – you can easily find fast food restaurants if its quick food you’re looking for.  You can also find many Greek Tavernas serving traditional Greek food and you will find Steak houses (look out for ‘The House’) or traditional English style pubs like ‘The Royal Oak’ which serves, you guessed it, English food.  A two course dinner for two with a drink will set you back around just 32Euros.

Local Drinks
In Malia drink prices vary, as with other resorts, depending on the bar you choose to visit.  You can find the local beer is around 2.5Euros and an imported drink (Bud, Wkd) around 6-7Euros in some clubs.

Boy: Girl Ratio
Malia has generally more girls than boys, although in some clubs that are visited by the locals there will be a greater number of boys and men as only Greek men will be seen out on a night time frequenting bars etc so girls, as usual please be careful and stay with your friends at all times.

Malia Beaches
The beach in Malia isn’t the most scenic, but it plays its purpose – you can sunbathe (you can use loungers and umbrella’s), it’s soft and sandy and there is a great choice of water sports activities like jet-skiing and paragliding.  The beach obviously gets busy so it’s worth keeping an eye on children and indeed you’re other possessions.