When it comes time to head to the beach, people can do some outrageous things in order to grab attention. If you are a woman, then there is one thing that is sure to catch every guy’s eye. They’re called boobs and we can’t seem to get enough of them. How can your boobs help you get noticed by guys? It will be pretty easy if you do some of the following things.

Fill out that bathing suit – the bigger, the better
Guys like to see boobs on the beach. We don’t come to the beach to see girls who are dressed like nuns. Don’t be afraid to buy that bathing suit that lets it all hang out. It’s an added bonus if you can find one to enhance your assets a little bit. Nothing is more of a turn off than a girl who can’t fill out the top of her bathing suit.

Size doesn’t matter
Contrary to popular opinion, the size of your boobs just doesn’t matter. Some girls who are blessed with smaller breasts don’t like to show off their stuff because they are embarrassed. Here’s a news flash: guys don’t care how big your boobs are. We just want to see them. No matter if they are big, small, or in between, it’s showing up that really matters. There are some guys who actually prefer smaller boobs over big boobs, so don’t be shy when

Flaunt it
If you are heading to the beach this summer and you want all of the attention, be prepared to show a little bit of skin. The beach is a competitive place where lots of guys and girls jockey for position and attention. If you aren’t willing to show off you boobs in order to get that attention, you might as well stay home.