No matter how broke you are, if there's a will, there's a way. Everybody loves spring break and like you, I am waiting for the next one. Remember that vacations like this rarely comes for free except if Daddy can afford it for you. But not all of us have rich folks to finance our Spring Break getaway. Due to some circumstances, sometimes we are caught empty-handed when that season is almost near.

Here are money-saving tips for you and your crew for a spring break party vacation:

1. Decide on your destination

Be realistic with how much your budget can really cover. If your money is not enough to fly you to Cancun or Negril, go domestic this time. As expected, this will cost you less compared if you spend your Spring Break on a foreign place. There is a lot of Spring Break hotspots in the US that you may want to try.  The key here is to gather as much information as you can about the place where you want to go.  

2. Choose whether to go solo or go with a group

Another factor that you would consider is your choice of companions on this exciting time. Going with a group is much cheaper compared to going solo. The perks of going with your boyfriend and best friends, aside from sharing the experience with them, also includes being able to get package deals when it comes to passes, hotels and other fees.

3. Make a decision on where to stay

If you want to save on the hotel prices, reserve ahead of time. Call them to ask about their prevailing rates. Some have off-peak and peak rates. If there are special events in town such as the Winter Music Festival in South Beach Miami, avoid these hotels there because they would charge you higher when these special events take place.

4. Think of an alternative place to stay aside from hotels

For those who are in a tight budget, you may want to try those campsites and hostels instead of staying on a hotel suite. With this alternative, you will meet more people from other backgrounds, and who knows, you might really click.

Another way to have it free is by sleeping over a relative’s house or a friend’s house, which is located in your destination, who’d be glad to welcome your company. 

5. Take advantage of bargain airfares

Take advantage of being a student to get discounts on airfares. As always, it’s good to plan early, therefore reserve your flight tickets way ahead of the Spring Break rush. There are also last minute discounts when the plane need more passengers, however, do not depend too much on this one because it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll get a seat. This may just be a pure luck.

6. Want to try road trip?

If you choose to use the car for domestic travel, pack the ride with your friends and hit the road. As long as the number of passengers inside the car does not pass the legal limit and no one drinks and drive, this could be another money-saving idea for you. However, this could depend on how far your destination is.

7. Save on food and drinks

It will cost you less if you get them from the groceries or by bringing them with you, rather than eating out on every meal. However, eating the local cuisine in a new place is a nice experience. So you might want to balance the two. A good idea is to have oatmeal or cereals for breakfast. Save on your breakfast and lunch and maybe splurge a little for an exotic dinner.

8. Do not get into trouble

Have fun but don’t forget to bring your common sense by not spending extra to pay for bail while on the vacation.

9. Do not be tempted by buying anything you see on the road

You may think that it’s a small amount but when you add them up, this would turn out to be a significant dent on your wallet. Stick to your budget.

10. Plan ahead

Nothing beats planning ahead of time. Brainstorm with your friends as early as possible and discuss the possibilities. They might have more money-saving ideas than you think.

But If I were you and you really want to go international, start saving money now for your Spring Break by cost-cutting on your favorite frozen lattes and other unnecessary purchase. If you’re more careful on your spending habits now, you’d be able to splurge for your Spring Break vacation, and you no longer need to be reading this.