Spring Break Videos

Video clips from spring breaks.

    Natalie Meija lost her camera during spring break in Cancun, a guy finds it and posts the content to Youtube.
    Miami is the place to find a beautiful wife.

    This is a kitchy music video highlighting all the stereotypes of Spring Break.

    Promotion for spring break 08 in Rosarito.
    Some videos showing how you could have fun during this year's spring break.
    I don't know, but it looks to me like this guy is calling out to his mommy...
    Yeah, I know...I didn't believe it either until I saw it with my own eyes! And as I listened carefully to the video...there it was...The Razor Gator Theme Song! Coming to you from Panama City, FL.
    Wet T-Shirt contestant from Australia has trouble keeping her shirt on!

    The boyz like lots of ‘junk in the trunk’.

    This ‘out there’ guy has definitely had too much sun.

    When you’re a party girl they definitely are talking about you.

    You don’t have to be young to have spring break.

    Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco have the tropic girls and Kato Kaelin.

    Spring break in Florida? Take your ‘thing’ repellant.

    The only thing that went right was having a male maid.
    Depending on your view this could be great or awful.
    Training for exotic dancers.

    One guy who didn’t go to spring break while he was in school.

    Don’t stop at ‘sideways’, get completely upside-down.

    Extreme spring break activity.

    Bikini contests can be dangerous to your health.

    Brilliance at it’s best. Make sure to check the fridge.
    Spring break seems to make clothing disappear.
    Unbelievable happenings from spring break ‘05
    The cops in Mexico don’t mess around.
    If you have no rhythm, don’t try to dance.

    Does anyone make a full recovery after killing brain cells in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?
    If you’ve ever wanted a free lap dance, just go to Cabo for Spring Break.
    A huge party rages in Cancun
    Royster the Oyster takes a trip to Panama City Beach and join the springbreakers. In this video clip you get to experience both sides of the story.
    Popular contest at "The Wave" in Clearwater Beach. A very popular spot during spring break 2007.
    Some footage from Rosarito 2006.
    These guys are in for a surprise during their day at the beach.

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