Bora Bora beach club is situated on the Bossa beach. It is a must visit for all house fans partying in Ibiza. In early June 2007 the club was ordered shut down for 1 month by local authorities. It is due to open again soon. Here are some links to photos from earlier year's events:

Various Ibiza highlights in a photo gallery from this Germany based site.

Six days on Ibiza in the autumn of 2006 resulted in some interesting photos from flickr user aldas.

The Bossa beach is a well used area for photographers from all over the world. The professional

ones bring their own models, while your average amateur photographer is happy to go around and shoot some voyeuristic photos.

How to fit in on the Bora Bora Beach?
Tommy (26) from Birmingham reveals: - You have to train hard 4 times to fit in on Bora Bora. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Oversized sunglasses, deep tans and minimal bikinis are also accessories that seems required.

Six pack on the Bossa beach. This photo is from a gallery named "Ibiza - The cool, hot and sexy Island"

Dollyrocker and her friends enjoyed the Ibiza atmosphere in matching outfits.