Bikinis and beach wear

What to wear on the beach?

    Let's take a look at some tips to get bikini ready for the summer.

    Sporting a great tan in your bikini

    The summer is here, and photo sites like Flickr is filled with women who show off their golden tans and hot bikinis: Here's a collection of photos of tanned bikini beauties.

    Do you need an inexpensive beach bikini this summer?

    At our partner site,, there's a whole section devoted to cheap bikinis that costs less than $30 for one set.

    Enjoy your days in the sun!

    10 glamorous women share their views on the tiny beach wear phenomenon.
    Do you need a cheap bikini for spring break? gives tips on 5 bikini brands you can buy for less than $20.

    Double Take Microwear sells bikinis and swimsuits to the bold and beautiful.

    Some useful tips.

    Interview with Maria, founder and owner of a Swiss String. Switzerland's leading micro bikini company.

    Micro bikini company Wicked Weasel has launched its' 2008 catalogue.

    A list over the hottest micro bikini brands out there.

    Many bikinis are totally out there, here's 5 of them.
    The Wicked Weasel bikini is not something for everyone, here's a few inside tips.

    Every girl should bring a black bikini to your spring break vacation.
    Kate Walsh was seen splashing it up on the beach for her Thanksgiving.
    These are not bikinis, they are "blingkinis."

    Of course it originated from Brazil.

    Terrence from Planet Bangkok is depressed, the Speedo is attacking Thailand's beaches.
    Paul is taking a relaxing walk on the beach with his sister. They are spending quality time together.
    If you want to reveal instead of expose you should look to Anne Cole.

    Some questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and order that micro bikini outfit.

    Halcyonblue is a company who concentrate on selling micro bikinis for the UK market.

    In the 1990's you could go to a beach and be pretty sure that 1 out of 4 were wearing thongs. This is no longer the case. Sun & Sin takes a trip down memory lane with beach photographer "usathongking."
    Koala Swimwear is a company from Los Angeles who produces minimal thong style swimwear for men.

    You think she got the body to wear it, but she is hesitating. Here's some tips on how to convince her.
    If you are famous you can not take a trip to the beach without having a paparazzi up your ass. Here's the latest bikini and beach photos of the Pussycat Doll lead singer, Pam Anderson and other famous ones.

    Australian micro bikini company may be most known for their female range of bikinis, but they also sell some extremely risque swimwear for men.
    We have interviewed the Australian online micro bikini company about the trends for this summer and how their bikinis may make you stand out at the beach..
    Sublime Bikinis manufacture and market their tiny bikinis from a small workshop in New Zealand. In this interview the owner reveals the top selling models, talks about being recommended by dancers and who their typical customer is.
    If you are a guy around the ages of 18-24, wearing a Speedo to the beach is just a little bit too ambitious.
    If you are a woman, then there is one thing that is sure to catch every guy’s eye. They’re called boobs and we can’t seem to get enough of them.
    "soupspoon 2007" is lucky enough to have a girlfriend with a huge Wicked Weasel collection. Their holiday photos from the Greek islands are a great flickr success. In this interview soupspoon tells us about reactions from other people and their favourite party islands. is a company from Tampa Florida who specializes in sexy bikinis and contest "gear" for figure competition athletes. In this interview the founder reveals on which beaches you are most likely to spot their bikinis.

    Slingshot bikinis

    The slingshot bikini is an extremely risque type of swimwear. It is often used by female bodybuilders and you should generally have a fat percentage below 10% to be able to wear this type of bikini with confidence. Read more to see illustration photos.

    A bikini from Wicked Weasel is able to just keep you within the legal limits of decency. This type of risque swimwear is certainly not something for everyone.

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