Health and Body

Staying fit and healthy is vital to live a long and happy life - and to succeed in superficial party destinations.

    Be sensible when going out and you'll avoid the cracked skull and the fines that tend to accumulate during spring break season.

    Enough with the complications. Here are some no-nonsense tips.

    Yes, we all know that we should eat vegetables and exercise a lot to get fit. But it is booooring and it does not work for 9 out of 10 of us. Here are some tips that really works for getting you fit and ready for your spring break blowout.

    Disturbing video.
    Funny or disgusting? You decide.

    Figure competition athlete Colleen Castaneda gives you something to work for.

    Travelling far away from home? Congratulations, you now look exotic to the locals! Use it to your advantage!
    This woman has had her pole installed for 3 months and show off an exceptional flexibility.

    Are you a model or Z-list celebrity that wants to make it big time? Read these tips.

    I bet some may oppose my opinion on this, but I hope that there are girls out there who are not hypocrites to admit that all things being equal, they would rather choose the athletic type over the big fat guy.

    When you party your vacation away McDonald's and other fast food joints is a necessary and well used food pit-stop. But the fries won't break down.

    Explanations and a link to a comic strip about it.
    There’s nothing wrong with picking up a date at the gym, but you better do it the right way.

    Beach season is around the corner. Here's some photos that may inspire you to lay off that beer and chocolate for a while.
    Yes, you are probably gonna encounter people doing it on your party vacation this summer, but here's some reasons for you to not be a part of it.

    Tanlines: Hot or not?

    Some hate them ,others love them. Here's a look at tanlines using photos from Flickr.
    Here are some celebs that have augmented their bust. They do not want you to know, but it is not easy to hide when they look so good.

    There is no more devastating potion for a relationship than alcohol. When people abuse alcohol, their relationships suffer.
    Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach when you have been out drinking too much? That’s your liver down there, and he’s giving you a reminder of just how bad you’ve ruined his life. Eventually, your liver is going to stop hanging out down there with the kidneys and say, “Peace out.”

    Steroids have proven to give some pretty substantial results when it comes to helping you get ready for beach season.

    Thinking of travelling to a foreign country to get an inexpensive boob job? Here´s some more info and a price list.

    You are getting a tattoo during your vacation no matter what, but you would not like a trashy one. Here´s a quick classy tattoo guide.

    The tribal tattoos on the lower back of attractive females has often been referred to as a "tramp stamp."
    You were the king of the dancefloor last night, but today you are a total wreck. Is there a cure for a really bad hangover?
    Fat? Unhealthy? Do you get sad by looking in the mirror? Great, you got what it takes to lose some weight.

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